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What is SIELE?

SIELE Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española

Do you want to know your level of Spanish? Do you need an official document certifying it? What you’re looking for is SIELE, an official Spanish exam that certifies your exact level of Spanish proficiency.

In SIELE, you neither pass nor fail; rather, it precisely determines your proficiency in each language skill: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Additionally, you’ll receive your results within a maximum of three weeks!

SIELE gives you complete freedom. The exam allows you to choose whether you want to take all the tests or just a few.

Moreover, SIELE offers numerous alternative dates, allowing you to decide the best time for you to take it.

Furthermore, you can also take the exam at home if you prefer, without the need to travel to a testing center.

Jaleo Madrid is a test center for SIELE exams, and we will assist you in both registering and preparing for the exam. Ask us, and we will help you.


Choose what you want to be examined in.


Results in just three weeks.


SIELE is an official exam recognized by various institutions.

If you'd like to enroll, follow these 6 steps

Please click on the following link. A new tab will open, but please keep this current tab open as it will guide you through the next steps. Note that on the SIELE’s page, you can change the language at the top of the page.

Under the “Country” section, choose “Spain”, and then select either “in-person” if you plan to come to our school or “remote” if you prefer to take the class online.

Select your preferred exam modality. We recommend opting for SIELE Global, as it is the most complete examination to certify your proficiency in Spanish.

Next, we need to filter the centers by “Location.” Please choose “Community of Madrid” for the region and “Madrid” for the city. Regarding the date, kindly select any Thursday that falls on a working day throughout the year.

Now, locate our school among the options. You may need to browse through different pages, using the arrows located below to navigate. Once you locate us, choose “Jaleo Madrid Spanish School” under “center” and provide all your personal details and payment information. If you are unable to find our school, please contact us here so that we can assist you.

Great, you’ve successfully booked your exam with us. We will be in touch shortly to coordinate all the necessary details. Thank you for choosing Jaleo School, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

How to prepare?

Are you seeking a proficiency certificate for your professional endeavors or planning to study in Spain with a target B2 level? At Jaleo Madrid, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your language goals through a range of group and individual courses. As an Institute Cervantes-accredited Spanish school, we provide high-quality instruction. If you’d like to explore these courses further, feel free to reach out to us. We are enthusiastic about assisting you!