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A Spanish school founded by Spanish teachers

Learning a new language can be frustrating sometimes.

We know that feeling of getting stuck mid-sentence during a conversation all too well. That’s why we founded Jaleo. We teach based on how YOU learn, with our methodology specifically designed to help you get over your Spanish-phobia.

Meet the School

Our school is located in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid, near the Manuel Becerra, Lista and Diego de León metro stations. Near to our school you can find a lot of places to eat or have a drink with your classmates. Our classrooms have a capacity of between four and eight students. Each one of them is equipped with WiFi, a whiteboard and air conditioning.

In addition, at the school you will find a student area, a library, a water fountain, a sofa and restrooms. Within our classes you are allowed to drink water and other beverages. However, as a general rule, you should not eat inside the classroom, except on special occasions.

Cultural activities with Jaleo Madrid

Cultural Activities

Do you want to enjoy gastronomy, art, idioms, etc.? Do you want to practice outside of class?

We offer a cultural class every week, outside of the course schedule. Those sessions can be at the school or outside and you can learn about the culture, meet new people, and practice Spanish.

These activities are not mandatory and they are included in all intensive, semi-intensive, and part-time courses. For free!

Additionally, one Saturday per month, students and teachers gather at a typical market in Madrid for the coolest event at the school, “Hangout with Jaleo”. There, we practice the language, get to know all the schoolmates, and have something to drink in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. All our students love it!

Our Mission

Discover Madrid!

We want that you feel at home and that you can use your #Spanish4life learned in our classes!


Are you fed up with boring grammar lessons? We’ll provide the perfect balance between theory and practice. Learn how to (effectively) communicate in Spanish


We want you to learn Spanish but we want you to feel comfortable as well. We’ll guide you in your path so you can learn #spanish4life.

Welcome to our Spanish school, proudly accredited by the esteemed Institute Cervantes. As an accredited institution, we have the privilege of issuing enrollment letters to students who require visas for their studies in Spain. These enrollment letters hold official recognition by Spanish consulates and embassies, serving as credible proof of your study plans.


At our school, we value each student’s aspirations and recognize the significance of studying abroad. Whether you are seeking to learn the Spanish language, immerse yourself in the rich culture, or pursue academic excellence, we are here to support your goals.

Our Vision

Close to you

Teachers are the owners here! We control the quality of our lessons and we are extra motivated to provide the best customer service.


The most important thing for us is that you are able to communicate using Spanish in your real life.

Let’s take care of the planet

We like to work with digital resources which will make your learning easier and will help us to protect the environment.

Our Methodology


Communication is at the heart of our classes, but we don't forget the other parts of the body: grammar, pronunciation, etc. You'll be speaking Spanish from the very beginning.


Teaching is our passion. We are constantly looking to improve our teaching methods to offer you the best learning experience. Our teachers are trained with you in mind.


We want you to be the master of your learning and that everything you study will be useful in your daily life.

Let's Speak #Spanish4Life Jaleo Madrid Spanish School

Dive into the heart of Jaleo Madrid’s methodology.

Meet The Team


Marina is from Jerez in the south of Spain and has 7 years of experience teaching Spanish. She loves dogs, TV series, and of course, chocolate. And is afraid of all reptiles


Carlos is from Leganés (located just on the outskirts of Madrid) and he has been a Spanish teacher since 2012. Before dedicating himself to teaching he was a journalist, translator and a professional at taking care of his cats.


She is from the small town of Cuenca and has been a Spanish teacher since 2012, including 4 years living in Germany. A big fan of Arts and Crafts, she spends her free time at ceramics and book-binding classes.


She's from Madrid and she’s been teaching subjuntivo since 2015. She loves coffee, books and having great conversations. Her favorite activities are laughing and losing her glasses.


Silvana is from Madrid, from the Madrid Río area and began teaching Spanish in Edinburgh in 2012. She is passionate about cinema, music and design. Her essentials: her bike and her camera.

Meet our Students

Our students are our best ambassadors.

We teach students from all over the world!

In this map, you will find the countries of all the students who are learning -or have learned- Spanish in Jaleo Madrid Spanish lessons.

Is your country missing? Help us out to complete the map!

You can see how happy they are with us thanks to the reviews they have left us. Five stars to them too!

Jaleo Spanish School FAQs

Jaleo Madrid Spanish School is a language institution founded by Spanish teachers with the aim of providing a personalized learning experience for individuals seeking to overcome their Spanish-phobia and effectively communicate in Spanish.

Our school is situated in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid, conveniently located near the Manuel Becerra, Lista, and Diego de León metro stations.

Our teaching team consists of dedicated professionals who are passionate about imparting knowledge and fostering a supportive learning environment. Meet Marina, Carlos, Leticia, Susana, and Silvana – the owners of our teaching community.

Our classrooms are equipped with WiFi, whiteboards, and air conditioning, with a capacity ranging from four to eight students. Additionally, the school provides a student area, library, water fountain, sofa, and restrooms for the comfort of our students.

Yes, we offer weekly cultural classes outside of regular course schedules, providing opportunities to explore Spanish gastronomy, art, idioms, and more. Additionally, we organize monthly events like “Hangout with Jaleo” where students can socialize, practice Spanish, and immerse themselves in Madrid’s culture.

We prioritize effective communication skills over traditional grammar lessons, offering a balanced mix of theory and practice. Our customized approach ensures that students feel comfortable and supported in their learning journey.

Yes, we are proudly accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, allowing us to issue enrollment letters for students requiring visas for their studies in Spain.

We welcome students from all over the world, as showcased by the map displaying the countries of our current and past students. Our commitment to quality teaching and personalized learning has earned us positive reviews and five-star ratings from our global student community.

Jaleo Madrid stands out for its teacher-founded approach, prioritizing personalized learning tailored to individual student needs. Our focus on effective communication, cultural immersion, and supportive teaching methods sets us apart in the realm of language education.

Absolutely. At Jaleo Madrid, we believe in fostering a sense of community among our students and teachers. From cultural activities to monthly gatherings, we provide opportunities for students to connect, practice Spanish, and form lasting friendships with classmates from around the world.

To begin your journey with us, simply reach out via email at info@jaleomadrid.com or give us a call at (+34) 623 18 72 08. Our team will be happy to assist you with any inquiries and help you enroll in the course that best suits your learning goals and schedule.

No prerequisites are required. Our courses cater to learners of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced speakers. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to refine your language skills, we have a program suited to your needs.

For international students, we offer assistance with visa applications and provide enrollment letters recognized by Spanish consulates and embassies. Additionally, we can recommend accommodations and offer guidance on navigating life in Madrid to ensure a smooth transition for our students.

eing accredited by the Instituto Cervantes is a mark of quality and credibility for our Spanish school. It signifies that our institution meets the rigorous standards set by this esteemed organization, ensuring excellence in Spanish language education.

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